About Kapok Tree Service


Kapok Tree Service started with one mission:

To Provide Quality Tree Service at an Affordable Price!

Kapok Tree Service realizes that most tree work is overcharged for.  People spend more to get trees removed from their yard than they do on their cars.  We focus on quality tree work for people on a budget.

The aim of all the services that we offer is to provide you with tree and property management services that you need at an affordable price. It’s always been our aim to be both a professional tree service as well as an affordable tree service. That’s because we believe that ensuring your property looks good and is safe is important and shouldn’t come at a major cost. Well looked after trees can be great for both the curb appeal of your home as well as the professional image of your business. Although this might sound great, trees can also be a real risk without the right care and management, and that’s where safety comes into the picture. We can provide all the tree services that you require, whether it’s care or better management so that you can really get the most out of your trees.

Our services are the very best way to either care for your trees or manage effectively. On the care side, we provide a range of important services dedicated to looking after the health of your trees, including tree trimming. When it comes to management, we provide a range of both tree and wider property management services. This includes tree and stump removal, land clearing, emergency tree removal, and storm clean up service to help you clean up your property after a storm so you can assess the damage and get things back to normal. Your trees and property are in the hands of the best when you use our services.

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